You gotta fake it ’til you make it.

Like many others before me, I’ve decided to entertain the illusion that random people on the internet will find amusement or interest in the little bits of my life that I will share here.

Some time ago, I began a (foolish?) quest to put the mundane work-a-day world behind me and pursue my dream of becoming a professional writer. I’ll be posting updates on my progress, when and if I have any.

Right now, it’s the wee hours of Sunday night. Sunday means a few of things for me. Bowling, groceries, and a MST3K episode.

My wife, Kathy, and I bowl in the IVY League on the Brown team. We split 2 out of 4 wins with our very worthy adversaries on the Duke team. That leaves us firmly in second place. Next week is the position round and our chance to pull in to the lead.

Many low-carb delights were purchased at the Butler Super Wal-Mart tonight. They beckon to me from full cupboards and refrigeration devices. Soon they will fulfill their destiny and fill my belly!

I’ve downloaded all the available MST3K’s from the Digital Archive Project. I’m in the process of buying the rest on DVD. Tonight’s episode was a Sandy Frank gem called “Mighty Jack.” Basically, Mighty Jack is the first and last episode of a japanese TV series grafted together to form an incomprehensible, plotless movie. Crow T. Robot, as Flopsy the cat, torturing Joel with a poison sammich and Fritz, the German-Japanese son of a scientist, bending over and opening his pants into a briefcase are a couple of highlights.

I guess that’s all for this entry. I need some sleep for a big day of writing tomorrow.


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  1. drazster

    Karst is here! Too cool! Welcome to LJ. Keep up the great posts. You look a little surprised in that photo…what is that from? When I get my home connection back..I’ll send you photos of you in your Wiz costume! Now that will make a most excellent post icon!

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