I know now that I am also an android.

It’s Sunday night again. Kathy and I watched “The Human Duplicators” MST3k tonight. There’s not much to say about it other than NASA is housed in a Motel 6, Richard Kiel has an odd speaking voice and William Conrad wants to raid your fridge.

I come from another galaxy. You will be destroyed.

I’m sure the suspense is too much for you, so I’ll tell you about BOWLING!!! After two dramatic losses, we came from behind and moved into first place. It was just like “The Bad News Bears Go to Japan,” except that we were adults, it wasn’t baseball and there was no romance with a Geisha. Next week we duke it out with the winners of the first half of the season.

I was informed of your presence here, but I did not know that you would be so beautiful.

I’ve been playing a game called “Halo” for the past few days. The story and game world are pretty much a direct rip-off of Larry Niven’s “Ringworld.” Unfortunately, all the science (believability and plausibility) were discarded as the idea was being stolen by the game’s creators. The game play is exactly like Tribes 2, except no jetpacks. Same old same old, but it’ll be fun for a little while.

You are mistaken. I am the master here.

This week, I’m hoping to finish a time-travel story that I’ve been working on. I have another story making it rounds with publishers. I received my first rejection letter from Analog recently. There weren’t any personal comments on it. It was just a form letter with the submission guidelines attached. Using the highly scientific method of “Alphabetical Order,” the story went out to Asimov’s the next day.

I will return to the Galaxy Masters’ and give my report, then I will be destroyed. But it does not matter, because I now know that I am also an android.

That’s all for tonight. Later on!


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  1. anonymous

    Hey Greg it’s your brother-in-law Dave from Kittanning. I had to laugh at the Bad News Bears analogy. Keep up the good work.


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