Big News, Writing, Beer, Poker, First Snow and Christmas.

Responsibility Looms on the Horizon

Kathy consulted the Magic 8-Ball and All Signs Point to Pregnancy. We’re excited and a little nervous at the same time. Okay. Kathy’s a lot nervous. But that’s no surprise.

She has her first doctor’s visit just after New Years. The place she was most comfortable with was a midwifery down in Pittsburgh. Convinced there is a conventional hospital very close by (in case of emergency), I agreed. The place is actually very nice. The birthing rooms look just like comfortable bed rooms. All the medical equipment is concealed, but close at hand. They allow cameras, so maybe I can chronicle some of the big event. Kathy’s going to veto any pictures that make her uncomfortable, so don’t expect to see anything embarrassing.

Updates to come…

All Hail the Hypnotoad

Kathy noticed I had formed a deep addiction to the complacency box again, so she told me so by duct taping the controls and stealing the remote. After getting over the initial flash of anger (proving that I had a problem), I realized that I had writing to do and wasn’t going to get it done watching… funny, I can’t even remember what I had been watching all day… insidious mind control box.

After the inevitable withdrawl symptoms, I started some serious plotting. I think I’m about 50% along with a novel length ‘outline’ of a new fantasy story and I’ve already got a lead on volume two. I’m going to keep plodding away at it until it’s finished. I’m expecting a finished draft by Spring. If I don’t have one, I give everyone permission to harrass me at that time. To make a more specific date… April 30th.

UltraMegaTap Mark II: This Time It Works

The construction of my new tap system was stymied for a week because Home Depot ran out of the chest freezers I needed. Everything else is ready to go, so I expect to have beer on Tap by Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday

I’m contemplating a last-minute card party this weekend. If I think I can pull it off, I’ll send out some email invites. I think it would be a nice break from the Christmas Shopping Nightmare. Besides, you women out there will be done shopping by then and us men aren’t even starting until the 24th.

Big Stinky Tradition

Even though we didn’t get the freezer, we succeeded in getting a Christmas tree. It was a bit too tall once we got it home, so I artlessly sculpted down to size. We dug out the old decorations and popped some fuses and decked it out. Now the house is filled with the overpowering scent of pine.

Peering through the windows flanking the tree, I can see the first real snow of the season falling past the thick curtain of eye-watering pine fumes. Ah Christmas!



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4 responses to “Big News, Writing, Beer, Poker, First Snow and Christmas.

  1. drazster


    ok..ok..let me be the first to say this..since you are going to get it a lot over the next..oh…rest of your life…I want to be the first to call you DAD! lol

    See you around pop!

  2. frostfalcon

    well congrats! hope things go well and you have a happy and healthy baby! I’ll have to tell D! he’ll be excited! CONGRATS!!!!!! so we know what you’ll be doing for the next 24 years… ^_^

  3. arisonn

    that’s all i have to say. wow. amazing.

  4. marbleeye

    Congrats on the new addition…

    And have fun in yer new pinestink infested home

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