Seeing with sound!

Kathy had her sonogram and the baby looks very healthy. She didn’t want to know the baby’s sex and asked not to be told. I kinda wanted to know, so I was hoping the pictures would give me a clue, but the baby didn’t cooperate.

Here’s the picture. Let’s test your analytic or psychic skills. Reply with your predictions about whether we’re looking at little Nova or little Logan.



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4 responses to “Seeing with sound!

  1. drazster

    WOW! that’s so freakin’ cool…

    It’s definitely a boy. If you look closely you can see the remote control in his hand. *cackle*

  2. ulicqel_droma

    Hey, it could be a game controller too!

    Male or female, it looks beautiful. Give Kathy my best.

  3. arisonn

    This is so unreal. I’m so excited. My guess is Logan.

  4. drazster

    I’d say a game controller and a beer…if I didn’t know better.

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