Randomly Made To Order

Am I just the unluckiest person in the world or does this happen to everyone?

When I order a Sheetz MTO hoagie, the fixings I receive are different than what I requested. Sometimes subtly–like they left off the oil–and sometimes drasticly–no lettuce or cheese.

I doubt it’s personal. It doesn’t have to be the same Sheetz or even require that I place the order. I don’t know anyone working there and I’ve never complained in the store. But when I get the hoagie, the contents are always different from the order slip. EVERY TIME!

I’m considering making a section on my webpage to keep track of the discrepancies with pictures of the order slips and the corresponding hoagies.

It may seem a bit obsessive, but it really bothers me. I can understand and accept occasional mistakes, but for something to always be done incorrectly is just incomprehensible.

Am I creating a new conspiracy theory? Is some corporate entity or secret organization sowing the seeds of discontent through society by undermining our trust in sandwich options? What devious mind could come up with such an evil and oddly effective scheme? George W. Bush? Bill Gates? The Illuminati?

Is the truth out there?



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2 responses to “Randomly Made To Order

  1. marbleeye


    You are not the unluckiest… We dont even HAVE sheets. Last thing I ate leaving PA last year was a chili burger… I’ve been craving one for almost 7 months now.

    We do however have a quiznos that gives you cards for free subs if they screw up. *gush*

    If only tacobell would do such a thing… I could eat free for the rest of my life.

    Here you went and made a post that I had to reply to… Damn love of food.

    … and yes I would like to see a web page with scans of recipts and photos of wrong hogies.

  2. frostfalcon

    There is no truth out there to find… and honestly the conspiracy isn’t between the buns, it’s between the ears of the more then likely undereducated/incorrectly educated lackey that assembled the sandwich… Home school, your kids will be better for it, at least they’ll have your morals and work ethic and not be indoctrinated into the cult of the “world owes me…” and they’ll know how to read enough to read the order slip and hopefully they’ll be placing the order for their less informed counterpart to make. I’ll shut up not as this is your journal and not my soapbox… Good Luck getting a sandwich.

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