The Pope Must Die!

Just one look at the Pope and you can see he’s suffering. Parkinson’s Disease has him living in constant state of pain. There is no cure or treatment that will ever improve his condition. He can’t breathe without assistance from a tube in his throat and just today he was fitted with a feeding tube because of his inability to swallow.

Such extreme methods of life support are certainly invasive and humiliating. How could the Pope wish to continue living under these conditions? Despite some obviously false claims to the contrary, the Pope must yearn for release from his damaged mortal coil.

Unfortunately for the Pope, he doesn’t live in America where our national compassion helps sick people, who can’t make their wishes clear, die with dignity.



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8 responses to “The Pope Must Die!

  1. cleverdan

    We should have Congress pass a law that allows legislators to travel anywhere in the world to spread this compassion. Obviously the Pope and those close to him don’t know what’s in his best interest. Clearly, congress and the American goverment have a much better idea.

  2. otherkarst

    And just when I thought we didn’t have any political common ground, you prove me wrong!

    The Pope, having lost the ability to speak and to feed himself, should not be required to continue suffering just because of the greedy desires of the living. If he only had the foresight to write a living will we would know his wishes, but without it we must err on the side of the man’s dignity.

    Artificially feeding and hydrating the Pope is horrifyingly degrading. The embarrassment he would suffer in the unlikely case of recovering from his ailments would, no doubt, far outweigh any gratitude he might have for his life.

    Any compassionate person should be outraged. For the sake of his dignity, the Pope must be allowed to starve to death by the manditory removal of his feeding tube. His blood relatives must be prevented from causing him shame by attempting to feed him, even if he displays an autonomic response that falsely indicates a desire for food.

    Although, as you correctly point out, the U.S. government is powerless to help the Pope in his time of need, perhaps we could ask the United Nations to put pressure on the Vatican to ease the poor man’s suffering.

  3. drazster

    Well, I know what your stabbing at…but let’s give the Pope some credit here. The man is still trying to give speeches!

    Shiavo doesn’t have any cognitive neurological functioning. She’s in a vegetative state! Which is nothing like the Pope…

    The Pope is just fruity..and maybe a little nuts. Sounds like a good breakfast cereal…Snap, crackle, Pope?

  4. otherkarst

    I guess the Shiavo girl’s situation may be similar in some way, but let’s not get off the subject. I’m really concerned about the Pope at the moment.

    I understand your confusion. The Pope may look like he’s making attempts at speeches to the untrained eye, but experts will tell you that the movements seen in videos of the Pope are merely inadvertent autonomic responses. The Pope isn’t reacting to outside stimuli. It’s just an illusion. Even though we want to explain the twitching of his hand as a wave or a muscular tic on his face as a smile, we cannot allow our emotions to overwhelm the facts.

    All compassionate people should join together and insist on granting the Pope a dignified death by starvation and dehydration. As a first step, I’ve emailed my first post to The O’Reilly Factor. Hopefully my voice will be heard on tomorrow night’s email segment.

  5. otherkarst

    I was starting to feel bad about calling for the Pope’s death, even though I was being sarcastic. Then I read this thread on the String Pete’s friends’ page:

    I guess people really do want the Pope to die. I was actually hoping that he would survive and decide to retire. The man’s done a lot of good for the world and deserves to spend a few years relaxing and maybe doing a little fishing.
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  6. drazster

    Well, I don’t think they are calling for his death. They seem to be saying his unwillingness to retire and relinquish his post is sending the wrong message.

    It has become something of a joke, the fact that he refuses to let go of his position…not his life. More power to him for struggling to live.

  7. otherkarst

    His unwillingness to retire by dying! If that’s my only choice, I don’t want to retire either.

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