Super Tuesday

This is the day that usually would decide the parties’ candidates. Rarely do the Pennsylvania primaries matter. This year may be different. It looks like at least one of the parties will be undecided after today.

I never would have guessed that John McCain would have been the Republican front runner. Besides the fact that McCain had made a career of thumbing his nose at the majority of conservatives, he’s totally uninteresting. He’s an American hero, to be sure. But he’s dull, dull, DULL. He looks like a corpse in an expensive suit and his voice is so soft it sounds as if he’s whispering from the grave. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s obviously more likeable than Hillary Clinton. Of course, Kevin Federline would win that contest too.

Hillary Clinton still has a slim lead over Barack Obama. She’s been touting her experience of being a senator a few months longer than Barack and trying, yet failing, to change something for the last 35 years… Who know’s what? She was a lawyer in private practice before she was a senator. Oh and she slept with the President occasionally, but that’s an experience she shares with a multitude of women. Maybe the Democrats could choose Monica Lewinsky as their candidate. I’d vote for her. She’s demonstrated her excellent planning skills by not washing that little blue dress.

Bottom line, the parties seem determined to choose the creepiest, most unlikeable candidates possible. Quick, before it’s too late, someone nominate Marilyn Manson for the Republicans and Charles Manson for the Democrats. Now THAT would be an exciting race.

I cannot in good conscience vote for either John McCain or Hillary Clinton.

Which means, if either party nominates a different candidate, they’ll get my vote. I like Romney’s stance on the issues and I believe Obama is trustworthy even if I don’t agree with him. I hope I get the chance to vote for one of them.

Otherwise I’ll have to Throw Away My VoteTM by voting for a 3rd party candidate.

Anyway, it should be an exciting day in politics. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, check out this link to’s most recent endorsement. SA Endorses!



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2 responses to “Super Tuesday

  1. Three

    Well, hate to say it, but if John Kerry was bashed for being a flip-flopper, then Romney makes Kerry look rock solid. He’s known for touting certain issues to get elected, and then doing completely the opposite later on.

    I do, however, like McCain…if he weren’t like 800 years old, and will likely die in office. His VP choice will be critical to his election run.

    But yeah, both parties have picked the least worthy candidates. It’s sad, really. I haven’t been excited about a candidate since Bill Clinton back in what, ’88?

  2. Blabs of Steele

    Romney may have had an Election Year Conversion, but he’s been rock solid since then. Kerry had a different or unintelligible position with every new speech. I really had no idea where he stood. Romney’s shift is clearly because he wants to appeal to the entire US population now, not just liberal Massachusetts. Maybe that’s unethical or maybe he just compromised to be electable in Massachusetts. McCain is also rock solid, but not really all that different than Mrs. Clinton. I don’t really believe that many democrats will cross party lines for McCain, so if he gets the nomination, it just guarantees Hillary or Obama will be president.

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