Crazy Like a FoxNews

FoxNews is one of my favorite TV channels. When I tell people that I usually get strange looks or called a “NeoCon.” (I believe NeoCon is defined as “someone you loathe if you’re a Democrat/Hippie/Socialist.”)

Arisonn once told me, “FoxNews! I don’t watch that. Don’t you know they have a right-wing bias? Everyone says so.” To be fair, I think she’s correct. But, CNN and MSNBC have a blatant left-wing bias. Fox, while leaning right, does have a few unique qualities.

When covering a political story, Fox makes an obvious effort to always have someone with an opposing viewpoint as a contributor. When they can’t get someone, the interviewer will ask a question like, “Some say that . What’s your reacion?” CNN and MSNBC rarely do either.

Fox confronts their biases on a daily basis. At the end of most shows they read viewer emails. Usually they will read one accusation of right-wing bias, followed by an accusation of left-wing bias about the exact same segment.

But, my very favorite thing about FoxNews is their Fair and BalancedTM coverage of the most important news of all: Naked Celebrities! It doesn’t matter if you’re a big star or a lightweight, as long as people know who you are, if you flash some skin FoxNews is there!

SSSHHHAADUMMM! FoxNews Alert! Diablo Cody, the writer of “Juno” used to be a stripper.  Here’s the article with a direct link to the uncensored pictures: Topless Photos Flap

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Nude Photo Emerges of ‘High School Musical’ Star Vanessa Hudgens. Here’s a description so you can Google the authentic picture: “It shows a coquettishly smiling Hudgens posing naked in a bedroom with a red curtain behind her.”

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! The following celebs appear nude in PETA ads: Eva Mendes Dita Von Teese Alicia Silverstone Pamela Anderson Dennis Rodman the Dixie Chicks.

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Lindsay Lohan Poses as Naked, Dead Marilyn Monroe
SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Britney. Spears. Can’t. Keep. Her. Panties. On!

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Avril Lavigne Strips and Slams Britney Spears

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Paris Hilton Wears Nothing but Gold Paint for Champagne Ad

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Angelina Freaks Out After Seeing Herself Naked

SSSHHHAADUMM! FoxNews Alert! Nude Paris Hilton’s Parents Skip Line to Visit Her Nude in Jail

Thank you FoxNews. Thank you. (I think I’m tearing up.)


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One response to “Crazy Like a FoxNews

  1. Reverend Khopzilla

    The comedy stylings of Bill O’Reilly attracted me to FOX NEWS…..nude celebrity tits keeps me coming back for more!

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