A Carmageddon Compilation

Edit: This is a combined post of all my Carmageddon Blogs.

Some of you may be interested in this. If you aren’t… meh.

Cynical Dog suggested that I make this when I told him I was skinning cars in Carmageddon II. It’s the “The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight” driving his 1968 WV Bug from The Tick cartoon.

The car selection screen:

Front view:

Back view:

Beat up view:

If you play C2 and want the car, just ask and I’ll make it available somehow.




I figured I throw this one up too. It’s the first vehicle I modified with a real person’s face. I give you The Khopper!

Enjoy your virtual coolness, Reverend Khopzilla!


Osama and Bert were created by man. There are many copies. They have a plan…

Most of this skin is still Deep_Blue’s original. But, I changed the menu information and replaced the generic jihadist with Evil Bert to better suit the gaming experience I wanted.


Regardless of your politics, I think all Americans can agree on one thing: Hillary Clinton deserves to be pixelized and then run over by high speed death machines.

With this universal truth in mind, and because I am a Uniter, not a DividerTM, I created my first ped for Carmageddon 2.

Run Hillary! RUN!

NOOOOOOOOO! Hillary! Why God? Why?!?!?

I hope you enjoyed this as much as it disturbed me making it.


Here’s my first attempt to add Art (Three) to Carmageddon 2. As you can see he didn’t come out quite right…



Would you like to be a Ped in Carmageddon 2? Or do you want to run over someone special? Give me a few pictures and a pic or description of your ped’s clothing and I’ll put it together. Bare minimum, I’ll need six pictures of your ped’s facial expressions. The expressions I need are: Normal, Worried, Panicked, Injured, Mangled and Dead. Here’s an imperfect example for a Pat Sajak ped I was considering making:

Email me your pics or links to them, and I’ll make them.

Oh and Hammer, I didn’t forget. I can put you in a Regular Civic, but I don’t have a Del Sol. I’ll get to it eventually…

Later on all!


Three was of the opinion that his Carmageddon self looked like something out of a HellRaiser movie. So I set upon my most ambitious reskin to date.

Here are some pics of the finished ’88 HellRaiser Jetta and Shrimphed the Cenobite (aka Art aka Three )

I learned a ton of new PhotoShop skills during this project. Now, I need a break. At some point, I’ll find a place to host these vehicles. Until then, just email me to request them.

Edit: To view the various comments for these posts go here: MySpace Blog


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