Blodds and Ends

I have a few things to blog about that really didn’t justify actually blogging about on their own, so I just crammed them together here.

KFC to change its name to KGC.
The “G” stands for gay.

Apparently KFC wants to attract a thinner, hippie-er clientelle, so they’re discarding their highly recognizible name and cultural icon status for politically correct healthy image.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

Is this a wise business decision? Will it win over the people that do these things?

Ummm… No.


The St.Jude’s Trike-a-thon simultaneously helps sick kids and makes healthy kids look like retards (for no good reason.)

I’ve been watching a lot of pre-school TV since Nova discovered cartoons. One of the commercials that frequently comes on asks for participants in the St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon that benefits children’s hospitals. Which is a very good thing. But, they also push parents to make pre-schoolers wear safety helmets while riding tricycles.

Which made me wonder just how dangerous tricycles are. Just how often are kids actually killed or permanently disabled in tricycle accidents?

I did a quick search of websites promoting bicycle safety and helmets and emergency room statistics for head trama. I used the worst case stats and crunched the numbers. Here’s what I found out:
Emergency rooms make no distinction between bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, etc. lumping them under the non-motorized pedal cycle category. I’ll use the word “bicycle” to describe that category. Most kids learn to ride bicycles without training wheels by age 8, so at the risk of inflating the numbers, I’ll assume riders under 7 are all riding tricycles.

About 80.6 Million Americans ride bicycles each year.
57 Million are over age 15
23.6 Million are 15 and under
Approximately 900 cyclists die in accidents each year.                   |Runnning totals:        |
Approximately 600000 cyclists’ are injured in accidents each year.    | 900 Dead 600000 Injured|
Number of deaths in bicycle accidents age 7 and under: 25                |  25 Dead 600000 Injured|
Two-thirds of the deaths are from traumatic brain injury.                      |  17 Dead 600000 Injured|
59% injuries are children under 15                                                         |  17 Dead 354000 Injured|
All injuries under age 9: 156000                                                              |  17 Dead 156000 Injured|
Head injuries under age 9: 132600                                                         |  17 Dead 132600 Injured|
” ” requiring hospitalization under age 14: 1100                                  |  17 Dead   1100 Injured|

Odds of fatal head injury in bicycle accident age 0-14:   1 in 1,388,235 or .00000072%
Odds of serious head injury in bicycle accident age 0-14:   1 in    21,454 or .000047%

I’ll make the wild over-assumption that 50% of those accidents are tricyclists…

Odds of fatal head injury in tricycle accident age 0-7:    1 in 2,622,222 or .00000038%
Odds of serious head injury in triicycle accident age 0-7: 1 in    42,909 or .000024%

Now, while extremely rare, serious tricycle accidents do happen. I can understand a parent choosing to buy their kid a helmet for that reason. Unfortunately in most states, including Pennsylvania, the law says you MUST put a helmet on any cyclist under age 15.

Since the government makes you buy the helmet, here’s another interesting set of numbers:

Cost of a typical bicycle helmet at retail stores:                                      $20.00
Cost of 23.6 million typical bicycle helmets:                                            $472,000,000.00
Estimated total yearly deaths and serious injuries from tricycle accidents:    559
Cost of helmets/each potentially prevented injury or death:            $844,364.94
Odds of dying by tripping on a level surface:                             1 in 502,837 (584/Year)
Number of U.S. States that require “walking” helmets:                    0


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One response to “Blodds and Ends

  1. Three

    And out of the blue, I’m sure most of the ER visits come from mountain bikers.

    Well, if they’re over 18, that is.

    I don’t know, I’m very pro-helmet, and know I would have been hurt pretty badly if I didn’t wear one — but then again, most kids on tricycles aren’t riding out in the woods…

    I think most of the time, it’s just to get them into the habit. Start them off right, ya know?

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