Science is now officially racist.

Texas Commissioner John Wiley Price proclaims Astrophysical Phenomena racist.

In response, I’d like to say: White Trash, Whited-Out, White Hair Helmet, White Supremacist, White Dwarf, White Line Fever, Great White Shark, White Washed, Tighty-Whiteys, White Bread, Vanilla, White Lung, White Mice, White Rot, and Betty White.

And Commissioner Price, I don’t know what a “Brown Hole” is, but I do know an asshole when I see one.

Asshole isn’t racist, is it? Quick, somebody ask Al Sharpton or check the Associated Press Style Guide.



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4 responses to “Science is now officially racist.

  1. Three

    A black hole couldn’t be called that cause it is, well, black. It couldn’t be a description due to the fact that not even light can escape it. Nope. Couldn’t be the reason at all.

    And the reason why so many negative things are associated with black is because of the day/night differences. During the day, everything is “on the table” and easy to see. You can’t hide what you’re doing during the day (allegedly). More nefarious, devious and mysterious things happened at night because it’s more difficult to see. And I’m sure even African tribes had negative things labeled as “black.”

    Here’s a positive black-ism: in the black. Hey, we’re earning money! Great! But maybe the black homosexuals would have a problem with that saying…

    And lastly his example of using “Jew” is completely wrong in context to the Black Hole argument. The use of Jew there is a direct reference to the Jewish stereotype. Black in Black Hole has nothing to do with culture, unless he’s saying that not even light can escape ‘da hood.

    Maybe science has just discovered its first blacktard.

  2. StrangeWorld

    well after a plane crash, everyone is quick to look for the black box. And they’re usually pretty happy to find it too. That’s kinda positive.

    Personally I didnt hear much of the video. I lost my concentration after all that talk of pink holes.

    Black boxes and Pink holes……. another family friendly post! 🙂

  3. otherkarst

    Watch your mouth or I might hafta give you a White Eye! POW!

  4. Reverend Khopzilla

    I just thought of something that made me think that this guy might be onto something here.
    The jellybeans that no one likes were named BLACK Jellybeans by white europeans!!! Is it because they smell bad too?

    OMG! I didnt say that, did I?

    I think this one sided politcal correctedness is now in a state where it’s about to implode. Rev Jesse Jackson can say Barrack Obama needs to have his nuts cut off because he’s selling out to the white man, but us mean white males cant even recognize that someone is of a different race. He’s also the one who called New York City “Heimytown”, because of it’s large amount of Jews. After his remarks about Sen Obama, even black people are starting to distance themselves from Jackson.

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