A Sad Day in TV History

Wednesday,  January 14th, 2009  is a very sad day for Television and Science Fiction fans.  Two of our favorite actors have died.

I am not a number. I am a free man.

I am not a number. I am a free man.

Patrick McGoohan was famous for his roles as Number Six in the 1960’s British spy-chedelic drama The Prisoner, Dr. Paul Ruth in the 1981 sci-fi horror film Scanners and King Edward “Longshanks” in the 1995 film Braveheart.

Mr. McGoohan was not only an excellent actor, he also wrote, directed and produced several episodes of The Prisoner and made-for-TV Columbo movies and other shows.

Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009), you will be sorely missed.  Oh and Number Six, Be seeing you.  o|//

Smiles! Smiles every one. I'm a sadistic genie!

Smiles! Smiles, everyone. I'm a sadistic genie!

Sadly, we also have to say goodbye to Ricardo Montalban who was best known for his roles as Khan Noonian Singh in the Star Trek episode Space Seed, the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Mr. Roarke in the 1970’s TV series Fantasy Island.

In addition, Mr. Montalban earned a place in pop-culture history for inventing Corinthian Leather in a TV commercial for the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba.

Richardo Montalban (1920-2009), you are a unique and irreplaceable soul and will be sorely missed.  If there is any justice in the universe, you will be greeted in Heaven by a couple of bikini models and Hervé Villechaize with a round of tropical cocktails on a luxurious cloud upholstered in soft Corinthian Leather.

Rest In Peace

Patrick and Ricardo

Thank you for enriching our lives.




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3 responses to “A Sad Day in TV History

  1. Three

    You know, that Cordoba looks like such a craptastic car, soft Corinthian leather or not.

    Of course, that same leather was made in a plant in Jersey.

    Both of these guys will be missed, but never forgotten.

  2. The Prisoner was one of my favorite shows and nobody could understand why I watched it. To this day I still have a fondness for British shows. RIP Mr. Goohan.

  3. gerilwalton

    I heard about Montlaban but not Patrick McGoohan. You’re right, it’s too bad we lost two great actors.

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