School Uses Police to Intimidate Disobedient Student

Here’s an entry for the Insane Abuse of Power Department.

A 14 year old Wisconsin girl was ARRESTED for unauthorized texting on her cell phone in class. The girl refused to hand over the cell phone when the teacher demanded it, so the teacher called the police.  When questioned, the girl denied having a cell phone.  The officer, Thomas Gregory Swittel, questioned other students who confirmed the girl was texting on her cell phone in class.  Officer Swittel then ordered a female officer to strip search the girl.  A cell phone was found clenched between the girl’s butt cheeks.  She was promptly arrested for Disorderly Conduct and hauled off.

Okay, so what ever happened to “Go to the Principal’s office.” and “We’re going to call your parents.” and “You’re suspended for breaking the school policy?”  The girl was guilty of texting in class and lying about it, but when did that become a law inforcement matter?  What crime was the girl accussed of that justified a strip search?

The scary thing is no one in the chain stopped this. No teacher. No police officer. NO ONE.  This little girl was STRIP SEARCHED to prove she was in POSSESSION of a CELL PHONE!  Then SHE was arrested for BAD BEHAVIOR.

The Idiocracy is here.  And it’s knocking at your door.


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