Bait and Switch Journalism

On Thursday February 19th the East Valley Tribune’s website (Freedom Communications Inc.) printed a story by Tim Hacker with the headline Dobson students question Obama’s plan with some skeptical quotes by Advanced Placement High School students about Obama’s stimulus package.  The story generated buzz on various conservative blogs. As of today, the website has replaced the story with a fluff piece written by Hayley Ringle while retaining the original headline.

Luckily, the Drudge Report found a cached copy of the original story and posted it HERE.  If you go to the East Valley Trib’s website, you can see how the comments match up with the original story.

Why would any newspaper do this?

Scary stuff.

UPDATE: The original story has been restored, except for the byline.  The site claims it was a technical problem.  I can’t imagine a scenario where that’s possible.  More likely it was a rogue Obamaniac that pulled the switcheroo.



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2 responses to “Bait and Switch Journalism

  1. Three

    Looks like basically the same story to me. The site has a note that says: “To our readers: Due to a technical error, this story was temporarily removed from our Web site. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    To me, this sounds like one of the web guys screwed up and put the wrong story under the headline.

  2. Sly Reference

    And one of the unstated subtexts of the story is that the high school is in Arizona, McCain’s home state.

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