Thoughts on ObamaCare

President Obama is now promising us a 9 Trillion Dollar deficit over the next decade.  Largely to pay for his government run health care program.

Assuming that, as a country, we want to have 100% health coverage for all citizens funded by the taxpayers, I have a much better solution.

Government run health care in action!

Government run health care in action!

First some background:

The July census reported the population of the USA as 304,059,724.

The average cost of Health Insurance is $1800 per year for adult individually and $4800 per year for a family.

Under Obama’s 9 Trillion Dollar plan the cost works out to $29,599.45 in debt per person. And, let me remind you, that’s only if the program comes in on budget, a rarity for any government program.

My suggestions:

1: Every American citizen is issued a voucher for up to $1800 to pay for their own individual health insurance with a privately owned company of their choice.

2: By law, all private insurance companies will be required to cover pre-existing conditions.

3:By law, all private insurance companies will be required to cover prescription drugs.

At this point, my program costs $547.3 Billion per year and $5.47 Trillion per decade.  A savings of over 2.5 Trillion Dollars vs. the Obama plan.

For further savings, consider this:

1: All seniors would be be fully covered by this for their health expenses, so Medicare, Medicaid, and all other government-based health programs would be redundant and could be dismantled. This is a savings of, at least, $847.3 Billion per year or $8.5 Trillion over a decade.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  It would be cheaper to cover every single American citizen’s health insurance payments for private insurance, than what we’re currently spending to cover just senior citizens in the government run system.

2: All veterans would also be covered, so the VA Hospital system could be dismantled.  This is a savings of $87.6 Billion per year or $876 Billion over a decade.

Other price-based savings could come from allowing customers to buy health insurance across state lines and tort reform on malpractice lawsuits and class-action lawsuits.

If you feel like taking some action

Please contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them you’d prefer a taxpayer funded private insurance solution to our health care problems, rather than a government run public insurance plan.


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