Health Care Update

It seems that Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn beat me to the punch on this one.  He lays out a similar plan to the one I suggested in my earlier blog called the Patients’ Choice Act .  His figures on cost are better than the ones I collected on the internet when writing that blog entry.  Read the article yourself  HERE.

Essentially, Coburn’s plan hits upon every point I wanted from a practical health care reform plan, with one exception.  He gives every American a tax rebate in cash, whereas I would prefer that the rebate be earmarked specifically for health care costs.  This could be accomplished with either a voucher system or an individual health care account that could be drawn from for health insurance and expenses and only health insurance and expenses.

I expect that some would consider this a nanny-state addition to the bill, and I must confess that it is just that.  Normally I am against that type of legislation purely out of principle, but in this case I believe it is a practical solution to the possibility that some people would not buy health insurance with their tax credit and then later, when they cannot pay for their medical costs, blame the government for their own irresponsible actions.  Since the goal of this legislation is to assure 100% of American citizens have health insurance, such a government intrusion into your financial priorities would be justified in my opinion.

If you like Senator Coburn’s plan, or have other ideas that you think are better, consider contacting the President and your Representatives to share your opinions.  You can find the names of your Representatives by entering your ZIP code at  Congress.Org and then use the Send a Message links for each of them to write a letter using the form on the site.


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