Who’s The Hater?

I keep hearing that Fox News and Talk Radio is full of sexist and racist hate speech, but the evidence always seems very weak. Occasionally there’s something politically incorrect, such as Don Imus calling the players of a womens basketball team “nappy-headed hoes” as an odd sort of complement about their toughness.  Or Rush Limbaugh saying that the media was overstating Donovan McNabb abilities because they “wanted to see a black quarterback succeed“.  Neither one of these incidents were polite and the underlying reasoning behind them is indeed questionable, so a scandal ensued.  In both cases, these guys lost their jobs – at least temporarily.

But, when there’s a real bombshell like Keith Olbermann’s recent World’s Worst segment in which he said Michele Malkin is just a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it” without the “fascistic hatred” she demonstrated by sending a polite email asking some questions about the origins of the Obama Mmm Mmm Mmm Song.  As of today, no one cares, except for a few internet bloggers, and Olbermann is in no danger of losing his job.

The double standard applied to the right and left in the news media is downright pathological.

To any of my readers that doubt the media is biased towards the left, I challenge you to find a Fox News clip where the host makes a personal attack as vile and disgusting as Keith Olbermann’s statement in this video. It’s a bit long, so you can skip to the 1:00 minute mark to get to the relevant part.


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