Gordon Brown Cries Wolf

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claims we need a new global warming treaty in the next 50 days or… WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOOMED!!!!

Does anyone actually believe this?  Even if we ignore the lack of evidence that global warming is caused by human activity and that a slightly warmer Earth may be beneficial, what’s the reason for the 50 day time limit?  Exactly why are we all dead if it takes 51 days to forge a treaty?

It seems that PM Brown hired some speech writers from QVC.  This will become obvious in his next address before the United Nations where he will state “The United Kingdom only has 389 boxes of Bigglesworths Treacle and Blood Sausage Flavored Biscuit Assortments left.  Don’t miss these at these delicious biscuits at the special price of 18 quid per box.  Call now because this item is going to sell out in three minutes!  Once they’re gone there’s no telling when we’ll be getting more of these rare items in!”

Buy now or we're all dead!

Buy now or we're all dead!


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