The Daily Show in the Age of Obama

Has Jon Stewart, comedy newscaster, become the greatest investigative journalist of our generation?

It’s a serious question. In between jokes, he asks serious and probing questions that get to the core of issues and uncover unique aspects of news stories. He’s come a long way from the pointless and unfunny “Jon Stewart Show,” and even since the Bush-bashing days of “The Daily Show.”

Perhaps making jokes about a Republican president is too easy. You show an awkward clip and say he’s dumb. But, that tactic would seem “mean” if used to write Obama jokes… So, Stewart and his writing team have had to work hard and research the issues to come up with good material. And guess what? They’re good at it.

If only the “real” newscasters would learn from The Daily Show’s example.

Click for Video

Click for Video - Note: This was filmed Pre-Climategate!


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One response to “The Daily Show in the Age of Obama

  1. Khop

    I’ve been digging Jon Stewart for about 2 years after “rediscovering” the show. It ISN’T the same show it was 8 years ago….. but then, nothing is the same thing it was 8 years ago. The one issue I have with Stewart is what his movie star guests have already figured out: He tends to NOT see the movies that he’s talking about with the stars plugging them. On the scale of 1-10 of news show importance, that ranks about a 2 with me….maybe 1 and a half. But for the most part, The Daily Show… (YES!, the comedy program) has been doing a better job than CNN, CBS, msnbc and FOX news….. imho.

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