Why is Sen. Jim Bunning such a big meanie?

Lone Senator Bunning is standing up to both Republicans and Democrats and blocking several pieces of legislation, including an extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. Why? Does he hate the unemployed? Nope. The legislation doesn’t include a way to pay for the benefits. And just 2 weeks ago, President Obama signed Pay-Go into law. Pay-Go requires that all new legislation be written to show where the money will come from. If you want to give $10 Billion to the unemployed, you have to cut $10 Billion from somewhere else. The bills he is blocking don’t meet that requirement. The sad thing is that he’s the only Senator that is even attempting to follow the law they just passed. He’s the only one trying to be fiscally responsible. Watch the pundits rip him apart tonight on the news channel of your choice.


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