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Who’s The Hater?

I keep hearing that Fox News and Talk Radio is full of sexist and racist hate speech, but the evidence always seems very weak. Occasionally there’s something politically incorrect, such as Don Imus calling the players of a womens basketball team “nappy-headed hoes” as an odd sort of complement about their toughness.  Or Rush Limbaugh saying that the media was overstating Donovan McNabb abilities because they “wanted to see a black quarterback succeed“.  Neither one of these incidents were polite and the underlying reasoning behind them is indeed questionable, so a scandal ensued.  In both cases, these guys lost their jobs – at least temporarily.

But, when there’s a real bombshell like Keith Olbermann’s recent World’s Worst segment in which he said Michele Malkin is just a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it” without the “fascistic hatred” she demonstrated by sending a polite email asking some questions about the origins of the Obama Mmm Mmm Mmm Song.  As of today, no one cares, except for a few internet bloggers, and Olbermann is in no danger of losing his job.

The double standard applied to the right and left in the news media is downright pathological.

To any of my readers that doubt the media is biased towards the left, I challenge you to find a Fox News clip where the host makes a personal attack as vile and disgusting as Keith Olbermann’s statement in this video. It’s a bit long, so you can skip to the 1:00 minute mark to get to the relevant part.


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A Wise Decision

I disassociated myself from political blogger Charles Johnson and his site a little while back, because I began to see blatant bigotry and a leftist imbalance in what I believed was formerly a fair site.  The final straw was how he and the commenters that he approved of portrayed the 9-12 Tea Party Protesters in Washington D.C.

So, out of a morbid curiosity, I decided to take a quick look at how he covered last week’s G-20 protests in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  As I’m sure you know, the protests rapidly became violent on Thursday and the violence continued late into the night. In the aftermath, many business owners were cleaning up damage to their shops as a second non-violent march called the Peoples’ March paraded through the city.  The Peoples’ March, which was financially supported by a litany of socialist and communist groups, allowed the violent protesters (from Thursday) to march with them after they promised not to be violent for the duration of the march.

So what did Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who got all frothy over the 9-12 D.C. Tea Party, have to say about the openly violent G-20 Protests?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Not a single thread was devoted to the issue.

I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I’m just glad I got out of that nut house when I did.


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LGF, I think we should see other people…

I made a tough decision today.  I decided to disassociate myself with the political blog Little Green Footballs.  Over the past few months I had noticed a drift to the left in both the threads and comments.  That wasn’t a problem in itself, but the LGF I enjoyed was the one that was fair to both the Republicans and Democrats.  Recently the leftists seemed to always get the benefit of the doubt and the rightists were instantly vilified.

For example, former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was firmly defended over the claim that he was a 9/11 Truther.  The claim was made by Glenn Beck as a part of his series of shows about Obama’s extraordinary number of Czars.  He uncovered that Van Jones was an admitted radical black nationalist and former member of the communist group STORM as well as a 9/11 Truther.  The evidence?  Van Jones signed the official 9-11 Truth Document circulated by Van Jones claimed he didn’t read the petition that he signed and was mislead as to its contents.  That was good enough at LGF.  Why? Because Truthers are liars that can’t be trusted.  As opposed to radical black nationalists and communist revolutionaries, I guess.

The next day LGF accused U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, who delivered the GOP response to Obama’s Health Care Speech to the joint session of Congress, of being a hard-core “Birther.”   The evidence? A video in which Boustany answers questions about Obama’s citizenship status with the following statements: “Well, it’s certainly being looked at.” and “I think there are questions, we’ll have to see.”  The day after the video appeared on the internet, Boustany clarified that he does believe that Obama is a U.S. citizen on radio station KPEL in Lafayette.  Good enough for LGF?  No way!  Why?  Because Birthers are liars and can’t be trusted!

In the last few days there have been many threads on LGF criticizing the Tea Party Movement. Mostly showing pictures of demonstrators with signs comparing Obama to Hitler (an eerily similarity to the signs we’ve seen comparing Bush to Hitler at every Anti-War demonstration for the last 7 years.)  Assorted nutballs and radicals show up at all public protests, but almost never represent the whole.  The rhetoric of the LGF community has  ramped up to the point where posters were claiming that the Tea Party demonstrators are racist, sexist, homophobic and, get this, no different than the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! When I pointed out that one poster was guilty of demonizing the demonstrators, I was given the reply that she only “demonizes those who deserve to be demonized.”  The host of the site approved of that statement.

At one time, Little Green Footballs was an admirable and fair blog.  Now, because of all the unhinged rhetoric, Republican witch-hunts and irresponsible accusations of racism, sexism, etc., it has become one that I’d rather not be associated with.  So, this morning, on the first new thread, I politely asked to have my account disabled.


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