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Strange Paths Part Deux

In my last entry,  I discussed my observational hypothesis about how the human mind can reject objective reality in favor of a false view of the universe when the truth threatens the investment an individual has placed in an incorrect worldview.  And how the rejection of each new objective fact actually reinforces the false worldview because the investment becomes greater.   I didn’t realize that researchers at the University of Michigan had been working on the exact same hypothesis.  They just released a report with their findings.  Take a look at this quote from a Boston Globe article:

The problem is that sometimes the things they think they know are objectively, provably false. And in the presence of the correct information, such people react very, very differently than the merely uninformed. Instead of changing their minds to reflect the correct information, they can entrench themselves even deeper.

“The general idea is that it’s absolutely threatening to admit you’re wrong,” says political scientist Brendan Nyhan, the lead researcher on the Michigan study. The phenomenon — known as “backfire” — is “a natural defense mechanism to avoid that cognitive dissonance.”

In reality, we often base our opinions on our beliefs, which can have an uneasy relationship with facts. And rather than facts driving beliefs, our beliefs can dictate the facts we chose to accept. They can cause us to twist facts so they fit better with our preconceived notions. Worst of all, they can lead us to uncritically accept bad information just because it reinforces our beliefs. This reinforcement makes us more confident we’re right, and even less likely to listen to any new information.

Here’s a link to the full report from Brenden Nyhan and his research team.  It may load slowly, because it’s a PDF.


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Of Bureaucracy and Tyranny

It’s my opinion that government has no business defining personal relationships between adults.

Here’s an example of a bureaucrat abusing his power to tell individual citizens how to live their lives.  Keith Bardwell, a Louisiana Justice of the Peace, recently refused to give a marriage license to an interracial couple.  His reason was the most cliche of all.  “Think of the children!”  Specifically the children that would be born out of an interracial marriage.

Why do we allow these people to have this power over us?  We need to get rid of government sanctioned marriage.  Let’s have a customizable domestic and financial contract between any pair or group of consenting adults instead.  Leave marriage and who qualifies up to the churches and their respective religious beliefs.

Another piece of information about JP Keith Bardwell… apparently he was a Democrat until his 2008 election when he switched to Republican.  I wonder what could have happened in November of 2008 that would make him abandon his political party?

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Right Problem. Wrong Solution.

When tragedy strikes, the bereaved are often strongly motivated to do everything and anything they can to prevent similar tragedies in the future.  While we can all understand that impulse, it usually leads to unnecessary fear and even costly and redundant “feel-good” legislation that is eagerly lapped up by selfish lawmakers needing positive press for upcoming elections.

As a pre-teen, my parents forbade me from riding a skateboard because some kid I never met was paralyzed in a skateboarding accident.  Now, I wasn’t particularly interested in skateboarding, so it wasn’t any big deal for me at the time, but I’ve haven’t failed to notice the plethora of anti-skateboarding legislation in every local community I’ve lived in.  Oddly, or not so much, the communities that ban skateboarding in public areas, like sidewalks and parks, etc. are very reluctant to build a skateboard park that would encourage riders to stay out of the other public areas.  Why?  Because they fear accidents and the law-suits that come with them.

So, today I read a tragic story.  It seems a falling-down drunk mom driving a sedan at high speed flipped over three times and ejected several of the 7  little girl passengers, one of whom died.  The Bronx, NY woman had a .132 blood alcohol level and the girls weren’t wearing seatbelts.  In the wake of this horrible event, the father of the dead girl has vowed to go to city hall, congress, and the White House in a crusade for stronger laws against drunk drivers.

Drunk driving is a result of overall irresponsibility.

Drunk driving is a result of overall irresponsibility.

While I’m all for tougher penalties for drunk drivers who kill people in accidents, the grieving father’s efforts won’t do anything to prevent drunk driving accidents.  Drunk driving is a result of overall irresponsibility and, as such, cannot be deterred by the threat of punishment.  He would be much better off expending his energies toward making sure the driver that killed his daughter gets charged criminally and goes to jail for negligent homicide.

If that fails, he should take her to civil court and take her for an enormous some of money that she doesn’t have, so she’ll have to get a second job to pay the judgment against her, and if she fails to make her payment, she can be imprisoned as punishment.  While it won’t stop the next irresponsible idiot from driving drunk, he could at least get this one off the street.

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A Wise Decision

I disassociated myself from political blogger Charles Johnson and his site a little while back, because I began to see blatant bigotry and a leftist imbalance in what I believed was formerly a fair site.  The final straw was how he and the commenters that he approved of portrayed the 9-12 Tea Party Protesters in Washington D.C.

So, out of a morbid curiosity, I decided to take a quick look at how he covered last week’s G-20 protests in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  As I’m sure you know, the protests rapidly became violent on Thursday and the violence continued late into the night. In the aftermath, many business owners were cleaning up damage to their shops as a second non-violent march called the Peoples’ March paraded through the city.  The Peoples’ March, which was financially supported by a litany of socialist and communist groups, allowed the violent protesters (from Thursday) to march with them after they promised not to be violent for the duration of the march.

So what did Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who got all frothy over the 9-12 D.C. Tea Party, have to say about the openly violent G-20 Protests?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Not a single thread was devoted to the issue.

I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I’m just glad I got out of that nut house when I did.


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How to Lose Faith in Humanity in One Easy Step.

I’m sure by now, most of you have at least heard of the independent filmmakers that visited a Baltimore ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) office posing as a prostitute and pimp looking for assistance in purchasing a house to use as a brothel.   What  you may not know is, Baltimore’s ACORN wasn’t the only office they visited.  They’ve also released videos from Washington, DC, New York City, NY, San Bernadino, CA and San Diego, CA.

I want to show you the San Bernadino videos in a moment, because they’re incredibly appalling, but first I want to explain…

Why is this important?

(Note:  If you’re in a hurry to be appalled, skip down to the first embedded video.)

I expect that most of you don’t follow politics as closely as I do.  That’s because I think highly of you.  You are probably sane and well adjusted and so bored with the workings of our government, that you wisely ignore most of the trumped up scandals that the politicians throw at each other daily.  Unlike you, I developed an obsession with all things political about 8 years ago.  I would say it began on 9/11/2001, the moment I saw the second plane crash into the World Trade Center.  The world changed for me that moment and I couldn’t ignore the world or our government any longer.  The upside of this, is I now pathologically watch all the news and sort through the crap so you don’t have to.

Back to the point – this scandal is the real deal.  ACORN and Obama have a long history together.  ACORN sought out Obama because the were impressed with his work in Chicago’s Developing Communities Project while working on his law degree.  When he returned to Chicago they hired him as their attorney, to run a voter registration project, and to teach leadership training sessions.  Because of their deep relationship, ACORN actively campaigned for Obama on his State Senate, US Senate and Presidential bids.  In return, Obama pushed for ACORN’s interests, such as living wage and banking practices legislation in the Illinois State Senate.  Upon becoming President, Obama promised ACORN that they could help shape his agenda during his first 100 days.  Shortly thereafter, Obama moved the Census Office to the White House and announced that ACORN would have a key role with the 2010 Census.  More recently, ACORN’s partner organization, the SEIU,  send its members to intimidate and assault those who dared speak out against the proposed Health Care legislation Town Hall Meetings.

Now that it’s clear how closely ACORN is tied to Obama, lets take a look at what ACORN does:

Part I

Part II

PartIII – Sound is a bit wonky for the first minute or so.

If you think that this is just an isolated case and not a systemic problem with ACORN, check out the other videos at veritasvisuals YouTube Channel.

Special Thanks to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

ACORN, youve been totally pimped!

ACORN, you've been totally pimped!

Good Luck with you’re journalism careers.  Keep up the excellent work!

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Urgent Breaking News Alert!

Exclusive leaked photo from Michael Jacksons 7supth/sup autopsy.

Exclusive leaked photo from Michael Jackson's 7th autopsy.

This just in… Michael Jackson remains dead at this hour.  We will interrupt our special report  The Michael Jackson Legacy : A Life in Noses if his condition improves.  Later tonight, the Reverand Al Sharpton will be joining the panel on The Anderson McCouric Factor to discuss his new book Michael Jackson : Holier Than Jesus.

For those of you just tuning in, Michael Jackson is still dead.  Jackson was best known for molesting very young children at his creepy personal amusment park, the Neverland Ranch.  His lavishly perverse lifestyle was made possible by his short-lived musical career in the 1980’s, which was tragically cut short by multiple rhinoplasty accidents resulting in a career ending full-body pigmentation deficiency.

Grieving fans have been gathering at the Neverland Ranch, the UCLA Medical Center,  the Apollo Theater,  Graceland, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, NAMBLA Headquarters and the Cleveland IHOP in silent vigil praying for Jackson’s resurrection. One fan, Rebecca Wilson, broke her silence long enough to give us a quote.  Between sobs Ms. Wilson said, “Michael was the greatest human being ever.  I’ll miss him so very much, but he’s in a better place now, molesting little boys in Heaven.”

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Sweet Blue Monkey Balls

The Huffington Post just issued this retraction:


When you stop laughing, read this exercise in circular logic by one of the commenters at HuffPo:


I’d make a joke here, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

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