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Politics and Pachinko

Football fans are lucky, they get a Super Bowl every year. Presidential Election junkies like me only get our fix every four years. Right now, if you look down on the field of historic Iowa stadium, you can see the candidates subtly shifting their positions. They’re strapping on their subjective reality and muscling to the right and left. And there’s the whistle… GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUUMBLE!!!

So without further ado here are…
My predictions for the Iowa caucuses:

Playing for the Fighting Elephants, Huckabee will eke out a win over Romney and Giuliani will (surprisingly) come in third. McCain and Thompson have been so boring, they’ll do worse than the polls have shown. Ron Paul won’t be dead last. Alan Keyes doesn’t count.

Playing for the Kickin’ Donkeys, Edwards will astonish everyone by coming in first or second. Obama will take the other spot. Clinton will be a solid third. All the rest will be in the toilet and drop out quickly… except for Kucinich. He’s got spunk!

Now that I’ve placed my bets, there’s nothing to do but turn on all three TVs to the news networks, settle into the couch with a big bowl of circus peanuts and jelly-beans, and watch the play-by-play with Greta Van Susteren, Keith Olbermann and Wolf Blitzer. Okle Dokle!!!

In other news, I just got a pachinko machine. If you don’t know, it’s a Japanese gambling machine. It’s kind of a hybrid of a pinball and slot machine. This one is from the 1970’s and I’m calling it “Codename: Rooster” until I find an official name for it. Here’s a picture:

I’ll post another once I get it cleaned up.

Later on, Mijos


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