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A Wise Decision

I disassociated myself from political blogger Charles Johnson and his site a little while back, because I began to see blatant bigotry and a leftist imbalance in what I believed was formerly a fair site.  The final straw was how he and the commenters that he approved of portrayed the 9-12 Tea Party Protesters in Washington D.C.

So, out of a morbid curiosity, I decided to take a quick look at how he covered last week’s G-20 protests in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  As I’m sure you know, the protests rapidly became violent on Thursday and the violence continued late into the night. In the aftermath, many business owners were cleaning up damage to their shops as a second non-violent march called the Peoples’ March paraded through the city.  The Peoples’ March, which was financially supported by a litany of socialist and communist groups, allowed the violent protesters (from Thursday) to march with them after they promised not to be violent for the duration of the march.

So what did Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who got all frothy over the 9-12 D.C. Tea Party, have to say about the openly violent G-20 Protests?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Not a single thread was devoted to the issue.

I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I’m just glad I got out of that nut house when I did.



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Holy Crap!

Rep. John Murtha wants to bring the Gitmo detainees to the ‘Burgh.  If you voted for this jagoff, you deserve what you’re going to get.

I called you a bunch of racist rednecks and you reelected me. Now, Im bringing terrorists to your house. Next, Ill give all of you AIDS.

"I called you a bunch of racist rednecks and you reelected me. Now, I'm bringing terrorists to your house. Next, I'll give you AIDS.


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A magic moment

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious to all of you that I’m a bit of a news junkie. If you ever wondered why, I have an example for you. Here is story so wondrous, so magical, so… Pittsburghese that I will be delighted for at least an hour or so.

Executive Vice President of Fox News John Moody had this to say about Representative John Murtha:

October 15th, 2008 6:00 PM Eastern
Moody to Murtha: What a Jagoff

I proudly hail from western Pennsylvania, a beautiful part of the United States. John Murtha, the Democratic congressman from Johnstown, Pa., just said something unforgivable about my home. He said, “There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”

The congressman was sliming his neighbors, and me, because he thinks Barack Obama would be even further ahead in Pennsylvania were it not for racial bias on the part of the state’s residents. Obama leads by 13 percent according to

I’m sure there are racists in Pennsylvania. They probably exist in all 50 states. Further, there are probably some who discriminate against others whose skin color is not like theirs in Harlem, south central LA, and downtown Philadelphia.

Congressman Murtha served his country honorably in the military; I did not. So I was hesitant to criticize him earlier when he maligned our troops in Iraq. But I’m just as much a Pennsylvanian as he is. And for making such ugly comments about a wonderful part of the country, he can go to hell. I don’t mean to be ungracious, but he started it.

We have a name for people like Jack Murtha: jagoff.

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Some pictures of the Duquesne Incline

These are for Phillip’s Trigonometry class. And because I am an excellent photographer. And humble. Oh so very humble.

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Braaaaaiiins… woof… BRAAAAAIINS!!!

And you thought Land of the Dead was fiction. Note that the Zombie Dog Lab is in Pittsburgh.

Maybe it’s time to think about buying another shotgun


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