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SwagBucks Report #1

It’s been about one month since I’ve been using SwagBucks.  Here’s the story so far…

I’ve earned 75 Swag Bucks. To give an idea of what that is worth.  45 SBs can be traded for a $5 Amazon Gift card or 70 SBs can be traded for $5 cash through PayPal.

My unique and secret email address has received 28 spam emails. As I explained at the start of this, I created a new Gmail address with an unusual name that I’ve revealed to no one but SwagBucks.  It occurs to me that I probably should also have made a control Gmail address that I don’t use at all, in order to verify that the spam is SwagBucks and not Gmail related.  I’ll do that now.  For my methodology I’ll use essentially the same address as before, with two of the letters at the end reversed to test the possibility the spammers are using a spider program or something.

Next update in one month.  I’ll include the experience of my first purchase at the SwagBucks Store.


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SwagBucks: Something for Nothing?

I’m skeptical of any “get paid for web surfing” programs, but SwagBucks looks like it could be the real thing.  The way it works is I have to use their Google and Ask based search engine and randomly I will be awarded a “Swag Buck” (or several.)  Swag Bucks can then be exchanged for products in their “Swag Store.” Their website promised not to spam my email and there seem to be many positive reviews.  There’s no way to tell for sure though without trying it.  So, I made a new gmail address and signed up.

I’ll report back once I’ve collected enough Swag Bucks to claim a prize.  My plan is to take the risk, so you don’t have to.  But if you’re feeling adventurous too, here’s a link to sign up.  If you do, please set up a unique email account to protect your primary email.  Just in case.

Example Swag Buck

This appears at the top of the search results when you are awarded a Swag Buck. Higher denominations may also appear, especially during the Swag Day event every Friday.

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