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Kill Zombies With The Power of Metal

I don’t like the Guitar Hero/Rock Band genre of games.  Don’t consider this an insult if you do.  Different people like different types of games.  To me, all these rock games look and play like Milton Bradley’s Simon.

Simon Hero

Click to play.

Pushing colored buttons in an ever increasingly complex pattern just doesn’t appeal to me – gameplay wise.  I hated the dancing mission in GTA: San Andreas for the same reason.  I got through it, but it was a hassle.  Not fun.

But every so often a game comes out that does something different with the same gameplay elements, improving the gaming experience.  Brutal Legend, for instance, used short guitar riffs as magic spells.  Repeat the pattern and Drop a Deuce.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 plays a different tune for each lure reeling style – like Fast Cranking or Slide and Glide.  Keep the rod moving smooth and steady and the music continues – letting you know that the lure action is attracting the fish.  Make a mistake and the music stops.

Both of those games added a little bit of Guitar Hero into a different genre and both succeeded in transforming the Simon-esque gameplay into something I found enjoyable.

So – today,  I got the GameStop weekly ad email and they’re advertising a game called Rock of the Dead.  I watched the video (below) and am tempted to buy it.  Conspiracy games has mashed up a shooting gallery game with Guitar Hero gameplay.  The way it works is: you play a guitar riff and zombies explode from the sheer Awesomeness of your Metal!  Each individual enemy gets its own riff bar and explodes separately.  It’s backed up with a Rob Zombie heavy soundtrack and dialogue by Neil “Doogie” Patrick Harris.

I think it’s an innovation in the right direction, but ultimately it’ll still feel like Simon.  So- even at the sale price of 30 bucks, I don’t think Rock of the Dead would be a wise purchase for me.  (Maybe I’ll pick it up once it hits the bargain bin.)   But if you already like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, it might be worth it to you.  Take a look at this gameplay video to see what you think:


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Clash of the Motion Controllers

The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are due to release new motion controllers later this year.  They both use a video camera to track motion, but work differently.  Microsoft’s Project Natal tracks full-body movements and has no hand held component.  It looks very similar to the computer interface seen in the movie Minority Report.  Sony’s Move system uses the Playstation Eye in combination with motion sensitive Wands.   Both companies have release teaser trailers that show off how their new controllers will work.

Let’s take a look at the incredibly ambitious Project Natal.  If it works as well as advertised, it really could revolutionize video gaming and beyond.

Move is Sony’s attempt to perfect the technology that Nintendo introduced with the Wii.  The Playstation Move uses visual instead of infrared tracking, like Natal, and uses Bluetooth for communication between the controllers and the wands.  As you’ll see in the video, Sony’s Move promises the rock solid and precise control that many Wii players owners dream of.

The trend in this generation’s consoles continues with both the Xbox 360 and the PS3’s offerings being fantastic for gamers, but with somewhat different visions behind them.  Both controllers are rumored to cost less than $100 and be bundled with a game.   It looks like it’s going to be an exciting fall for us gamers.

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Political Burnout

This isn’t a criticism, I just found it amusing.

It seems Barack Obama is hoping you don’t follow his advice on video gaming.

On Friday October 10th, he said the following at a rally in Columbus, Ohio: “You know, I will invest in education. We’ll make sure government gets behind the schools. But it won’t make much of a difference if parents aren’t turning off the television set and putting away the video games and making sure that our children are doing their homework.”

Okay. Fair enough, but also on Friday October 10th, the first Obama Campaign advertisement was spotted in the video game “Burnout Paradise” by an X-Box 360 player in Ohio.

Today Electronic Arts confirmed it has also sold in-game advertisements to the Obama Campaign in Need for Speed: Carbon and Madden 2009.

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A Carmageddon Compilation

Edit: This is a combined post of all my Carmageddon Blogs.

Some of you may be interested in this. If you aren’t… meh.

Cynical Dog suggested that I make this when I told him I was skinning cars in Carmageddon II. It’s the “The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight” driving his 1968 WV Bug from The Tick cartoon.

The car selection screen:

Front view:

Back view:

Beat up view:

If you play C2 and want the car, just ask and I’ll make it available somehow.




I figured I throw this one up too. It’s the first vehicle I modified with a real person’s face. I give you The Khopper!

Enjoy your virtual coolness, Reverend Khopzilla!


Osama and Bert were created by man. There are many copies. They have a plan…

Most of this skin is still Deep_Blue’s original. But, I changed the menu information and replaced the generic jihadist with Evil Bert to better suit the gaming experience I wanted.


Regardless of your politics, I think all Americans can agree on one thing: Hillary Clinton deserves to be pixelized and then run over by high speed death machines.

With this universal truth in mind, and because I am a Uniter, not a DividerTM, I created my first ped for Carmageddon 2.

Run Hillary! RUN!

NOOOOOOOOO! Hillary! Why God? Why?!?!?

I hope you enjoyed this as much as it disturbed me making it.


Here’s my first attempt to add Art (Three) to Carmageddon 2. As you can see he didn’t come out quite right…



Would you like to be a Ped in Carmageddon 2? Or do you want to run over someone special? Give me a few pictures and a pic or description of your ped’s clothing and I’ll put it together. Bare minimum, I’ll need six pictures of your ped’s facial expressions. The expressions I need are: Normal, Worried, Panicked, Injured, Mangled and Dead. Here’s an imperfect example for a Pat Sajak ped I was considering making:

Email me your pics or links to them, and I’ll make them.

Oh and Hammer, I didn’t forget. I can put you in a Regular Civic, but I don’t have a Del Sol. I’ll get to it eventually…

Later on all!


Three was of the opinion that his Carmageddon self looked like something out of a HellRaiser movie. So I set upon my most ambitious reskin to date.

Here are some pics of the finished ’88 HellRaiser Jetta and Shrimphed the Cenobite (aka Art aka Three )

I learned a ton of new PhotoShop skills during this project. Now, I need a break. At some point, I’ll find a place to host these vehicles. Until then, just email me to request them.

Edit: To view the various comments for these posts go here: MySpace Blog

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Well Duh!

It’s that time of year again. All the Forces of Anti-Fun are on the move again. US Prosecutor Kym Worthy and The National Institute for Media and the Family (NIMF) have both released Top 10 Video Games for Parents to Avoid lists.

Here are the two lists:

Kym Worthy’s list of ten games for parents to boycott over Christmas 2007 (With Comments!)

1. Grand Theft Auto – ESRB Rating M
“Allows to players to act out crimes and rewards players for doing so.”
2. Manhunt – ESRB Rating M
“Revolves around the making of a snuff film.”
3. Scarface – ESRB Rating M
“Involves buying and selling drugs and killing hundreds of people.”
4. 50 Cent: Bulletproof – ESRB Rating M
“Rapper 50 cent is involved in a web of corruption, double crosses and shady deals that lead him on a bloody path through New York’s drug underworld.”
5. 300: The Video Game – ESRB Rating M
“Invites game room gladiators to slice their way through the Persian army.”
6. The Godfather – ESRB Rating M
“Opens with a ‘child’s version’ of the player witnessing the murder of his father.”
7. Killer-7 – ESRB Rating M
“Experienced adult gamers call this the most violent and twisted game ever played.”
8. Resident Evil 4 – ESRB Rating M
“Shoot outs involving massive crowds of enemies in large open areas. A typical play-through can result in the killing of up to 900 enemies.”
9. God of War – ESRB Rating M
“A sea of unrelenting violence”
10. Hitman: Blood Money – ESRB Rating M
“Self-proclaimed ‘most violent’ game of a series. This game glamorizes killing.”

NIMF Parent Alert! Games to Avoid for your Children and Teens 2007

1. Assassin’s Creed – ESRB Rating M

2. Call to Duty 4 – ESRB Rating M

3. Conan – ESRB Rating M

4. The Darkness – ESRB Rating M

5. Jericho ESRB – Rating M

6. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men – ESRB Rating M

7. Manhunt 2 – ESRB Rating M

8. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – ESRB Rating M

9. Stranglehold – ESRB Rating M

10. Time Shift – ESRB Rating M

Well, what can I say about these? Of course they aren’t appropriate for kids. Note they all already have an M (mature) rating which is displayed with this symbol on the game box.

If you’re not familiar with the ESRB rating system an M is roughly equivalent to the MPAA’s R rating. If you’re under 17 you can’t view/play it without your parents’ permission. In other words, these games were made specifically for gamers over 17.

NIMF had this to say about the ESRB ratings: “This year also marked a laudable effort on the part of the ESRB to make ratings education for parents a higher priority than ever before. Creating and distributing a series of public service announcements (PSAs) about the importance of using video game ratings, the ESRB teamed up with governors and state attorney generals in Utah, Georgia, and Rhode Island, Washington, and several others… Unfortunately, these efforts aren’t working well enough. Parents are still largely ignorant of the ratings.”

To summarize that statement – The ESRB has made great efforts to explain their ratings, but parents are too stupid to understand them. Or too lazy to read the box.

Maybe… or maybe some parents just don’t agree with the ratings. It’s very possible that some parents believe that Grand Theft Auto is too much for their 15 year old, but Resident Evil is okay because the enemies are zombies (a traditional monster) and not people.

Both Ms. Worthy and NIMF act as though they are providing a service to parents when, in reality, they just want to remove all violence and sex from video games. That’s the only way to be sure that no child plays a violent game. Especially when parents themselves are still allowed to make decisions about what their children can see and do.


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